Bachir Gemayel, Discours et Textes, Samir Geagea

Around three thousand Lebanese Forces supporters rallied at a mass held for the commemoration of the LF martyrs today in northern Lebanon, while the Lebanese Army arrested hundreds in an attempt to stop them from joining the crowds that denounced Syrian presence in Lebanon and demanded the release of Samir Geagea, head of the dismantled LF.
In fact, the Lebanese armed forces arrested at check-points hundreds of LF supporters, including journalists. Some of them were released after a few hours while others are still detained.
In fact, families of the LF martyrs had called last week for a mass to be held in commemoration of LF martyrs at the Church of Our Lady in Maifouk, northern Lebanon. The mass was due to be held at 11:30 AM but was delayed to 3:00 PM because of the incidents that occurred with the Lebanese Army.
Reports from the scene revealed that the Lebanese Army had set up check-points, encircling the area of the rally, preventing LF supporters from reaching Maifouk.
The 3000-strong crowd that succeeded in reaching Maifouk rallied near the church and chanted slogans denouncing the Syrian presence in Lebanon and demanding the release of Samir Geagea, head of the disbanded LF.
Earlier this week, a mass held in the commemoration of the 18th anniversary of President Bashir Gemayel’s assassination turned into a ceremony in which Kataeb and Lebanese Forces supporters expressed their anger and dismay over the current political situation in the country.
It was the first time since the assassination of Gemayel that a commemoration mass turns into a human demonstration that shows the frustration of thousands of supporters demanding the liberation of Geagea.
Geagea has been incarcerated in February 1994 on a series of charges most of which he was acquitted.


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