Bachir Gemayel, Discours et Textes, Samir Geagea

A former member of the dismantled Lebanese Forces (LF) was summoned today (Wednesday) for interrogation regarding the two masses held in Ashrafieh and Maifouk last week for the commemoration of late president Bashir Gemayel and of the LF martyrs.
In this context, the military court will issue later tonight verdicts on seven of the LF supporters detained a few days ago on charges of wearing military clothes during the mass held at Maifouk for the commemoration of the LF martyrs.
Commenting on the series of arrests by the Lebanese Security Forces, House Speaker Nabih Berry said that such an issue cannot be solved by arresting people, but rather needs a political solution.
On the other hand, the coordination committee of the National Liberal Party, the Lebanese Forces and the National Free Movement warned of a plot aimed at dividing the Lebanese to justify foreign tutorship over the country.
The committee also condemned the series of arrests undertaken by the authorities and called for solidarity to face the situation.
Around 10 people have been arrested since last Sunday after a mass held at Maifouk for the commemoration of the LF martyrs turned into a rally that denounced the Syrian presence in Lebanon and demanded the release of Samir Geagea, head of the LF, incarcerated since May 1994.


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