Church Bombing Anniversary Used To Pray For Geagea March 1, 2002

Discours et Textes, Samir Geagea

Students from the outlawed Lebanese Forces have held a memorial mass on the eighth anniversary of the bombing of Our Lady of Salvation (saydet el najet) church in which LF leader Samir Geagea was implicated, convicted and sentenced to four life terms in prison.

Father Saad Nimr, who presided over the mass service attended by tens of students holding Geagea’s pictures and lighted candles, said “prayer is the best weapons to fight oppression in this world.” Nimr charged that the real identity of the criminals who detonated the bombs inside the church was still hidden and that others were incriminated unjustly, in reference to Geagea.

“We call for the release of those who were imprisoned unjustly and the liberation of Lebanon from foreign pressures which are affecting directly and indirectly public freedoms especially the freedom of expression,” Nimr told the participants.

He said the Lebanese “both Christians and Moslems” want a free and independent Lebanon without foreign tutoring, in an obvious reference to Syria.

The father said a special prayer for Geagea who is held in solitary confinement in an underground cell at the ministry of defense. Only his wife and lawyers are allowed to visit him twice a week.


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