Geagea in ‘Excellent Shape’ February 6, 2004

Discours et Textes, Samir Geagea

Lebanon’s State Prosecutor Adnan Addoum says LF commander Samir Geagea is in “perfect physical shape” in prison at the Defense Ministry compound in Yarze, An Nahar reported on Friday. Addoum spoke after agreeing to a request by the archbishop of the Maronite community in Australia, Aad Abi Karam, to visit Geagea in prison. “He undergoes regular physical checkups. He is in excellent shape and I have met all his requests in this sphere,” Addoum said of Geagea, who is serving combined jail terms totaling 120 years. Addoum revealed that Geagea asked about two months ago for scanner tests and they were performed on him at the military hospital. “The outcome of that checkup was very good.” Geagea then demanded that the same tests be conducted on him at Sacre Cœur hospital, which was done and the outcome was identical to that of the military hospital, Addoum said. Geagea maintains constant contact with his lawyers, relatives and wife “who visit him at least four times a week,” Addoum said in his first public statement about Geagea’s improved prison conditions.


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