Geagea Taken Back to Yarze Cell from Military Hospital February 14, 2002

Discours et Textes, Samir Geagea

Lebanese Forces Commander Samir Geagea has been returned to his Defense Ministry prison dungeon in Suburban Yarze after a few hours in Beirut’s mid-city Military Hospital for treatment of a tooth ache and gum infection, the local media reported Wednesday.

It was the first time that Geagea was allowed to undergo medical treatment in hospital since he was arrested in 1994, when the government outlawed the Lebanese Forces and accused him of scheming to overthrow the post-civil war regime. Prosecutor-General Adnan Addoum personally gave the permission for Geagea’s transfer to the military hospital on Tuesday at the request of Strida Geagea, the prisoner’s wife, and his defense attorneys.

Doctors have diagnosed that Geagea’s gum infection was not serious and could be remedied by medicines in his cell.

The outing signaled the beginning of improvement of Geagea’s treatment in prison. Addoum said the two weekly visits by Geagea’s wife and the two more calls by his lawyers would be strictly observed. Each visit lasts 30 minutes.


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