LF Activists Pray on Knees for Geagea’s Release April 16, 2003

Discours et Textes, Samir Geagea

Scores of Lebanese Forces activists have staged a mass prayer on their knees at the campus of St. Joseph University in Beirut for the release of their imprisoned leader Samir Geagea, held for nine years in solitary confinement at Lebanon’s defense ministry in Yarze.

Portraits of the onetime Christian warlord were pinned on their chests along with the LF crosses as they dropped to their knees for the prayer that marked the lapse of 3,280 days since Geagea was arrested in 1994 after his LF party was outlawed by the government. “Geagea is the symbol of steadfastness, the symbol of Lebanon’s cause,” read one poster spanning the camps of the university’s engineering faculty in Mansourieh, where the LF spent the second day of the Solidarity-with-Geagea Week.
The protestors shouted such chants as “no national reconciliation without the LF” and “no LF without its leader.” Patriotic songs blared from loudspeakers across the campus.


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